Is Knowledge Power? | Mindset | Joe O’Connor Not knowing to knowing

July 5, 2021

Is Knowledge Power? Back in March this year, I returned back from climbing some unclimbed mountains in Chile with my 14-year-old son We stepped off the last flight to a completely changed world – Heathrow Airport was a ghost town! Now 10 months on it’s got me thinking … We now have more knowledge – but does this give us more power? There’s a missing ingredient in my opinion to the statement ‘knowledge is power’ (my Son certainly witnessed this in action whilst we were away) Here it is on my latest video – click below to it watch now Have a brilliant day #HABD Joe Joe O’Connor DipPFS AMC FRSA The UK’s Leading Transformation Strategist Speaker | Financial Coach | Mentor Tel: 01829-760070 Fax: 0871-750-3008