“Call it fate or maybe just good timing but I first met Joe at exactly the right point in my life. I was in training with a goal of setting a new world record in ultra-endurance cycling, training was going to plan but partway through the programme I had a real crisis of confidence and I seemed incapable of shaking off the internal memos my brain was sending out across my body, “you’re not good enough”. After a few weeks of working with The Transformer, my confidence started to return and by the time the event was scheduled I was bombproof, I genuinely felt invincible and was ready for whatever the challenge threw at me. The bonus was that this change in mind shift played out in both business and personal life, so the nature of the problem is in effect of little concern. And what of the challenge, well let’s say a thunderstorm put paid to the WR but a credible 6th place ensued and the five people who stand between me and that number one spot are all half my age, let’s just say its work in progress.”

Mark Brocklehurst (Director)

“Before I started working at The Transformer and with Joe & Tracey I had just been made redundant. I had some hope but not a lot as I wasn’t sure where I was going. I’ve worked from the age of 16 and never really found my passion in life. I always knew that helping people was a big part of what I wanted to do but I never knew more than that.

I met Joe on one of the last days of my previous job, it was at a networking event where he was speaking. The funny thing is, is that Joe had to cancel speaking at the previous event which I hadn’t attended myself either. I do believe everything happens for a reason and Joe’s talk left me so inspired that I felt I could take on the world.

When I met Joe I realized we have a lot in common and that was we want to help. I came to see him the next day and we talked about the future and for once I wasn’t scared. I was excited to see where the opportunity could take me and I enjoy going to work.

My confidence as sky-rocketed since working with Joe. I enjoy bringing new ideas to the table, getting feedback on my ideas and overall being very involved in a lot of the business as I understand and share Joe’s dreams.  My future looks very bright now and I love working at a place that allows me to have the creative freedom I never knew I had.”

Ashleigh Spencer

“Without pressure tactics or bullying in any way, Joe convinced me I could tackle a completely new technology that I had previously found daunting. His faith in my abilities, and his unwavering support, empowered me to take the challenge head on. I now use this technology on a daily basis with confidence and have a level of expertise I never thought possible. Joe is an inspiring and supportive mentor and I am very grateful to him.”

Sue Bentley MBE

“What a delight it was the day I got to know you for me and my family. You’re incredible at your job, you are amazing. And you have changed so many people’s lives. Your dedication to veterans and everyone is tremendous. “I admire that you thought of such a wonderful way to honour the people in your life. I am fortunate to be among the people connected to you.” You have changed the way I handle things mentally and financially. I am more confident with the future. for this I will forever be grateful.

I could write more and fill the whole page with the way I feel and what you have done.”

Patrick Mwambila

“I have worked with Joe for Business Coaching and received a Breakthrough day for many reasons personal & business. I have managed to increase my monthly rental turnover by 300%. Clearer in assessing & taking on therapists, looking at what is required on both sides for an agreeable match. Setting goals and targets for staff to reach beyond. Being prepared when doing something outside my comfort zone to avoid nervousness and procrastination. Being clear what I was wanting to complete in business and personal life.”

1. 300% increase monthly of therapy rental.
2. Proper guidelines in taking on therapists to avoid confusion and to choose who is dedicated.
3.Setting of goals to keep an awareness of what is wanted to be achieved in a time frame.
4.Be prepared with a script for cold calling.
5.Create systems for advance rental to come in for good cash flow. Encourages therapists to reach beyond the target.
6. The value of encouragement and not to create and stand behind a barrier, breakthrough and beyond.

Nikki Abell-Francis ( Zenci Clinic)

“My name is Michelle and I had the privilege of working with Joe in 2014, and it truly was an honour. His coaching style is one which exudes energy and passion, which is apt as this is what he exactly how he is as a person. Upon meeting Joe, you will understand how he motivates his clients, as his enthusiasm not only for his career, but his life is infectious. Since working with Joe, I have learned how to capture every positive of the day and celebrate the small successes on the way to your goal, not just the goal itself. If you are looking for a coach, I couldn’t recommend him enough. His spirit is the driving force to his success and what makes him an inspiring coach. In the words of the man         himself, my overall opinion of Joe is that he is awesome!”


“My name is Marie and I had the amazing experience of working with Joe during 2014. My experience of Joe’s coaching was that he made me feel very relaxed, whilst at the same time which helped me to achieve great results. I found his coaching style to be instrumental in me moving my life forward and I can’t thank Joe enough. Joe was committed and caring at all times and his inspiration has helped me to inspire others. Thank you so much Joe, you are fab!!”


“I was lucky enough to work with Joe in 2014. He impressed me immediately with his friendly nature and infectiously enthusiastic personality.
Through his very direct but supportive coaching style, Joe enabled me to become more aware of the nuances of communication which we all show in our physiology. This is a valuable skill which I can use both in personal and business scenarios, as it enables me to understand better what the other person is communicating, and that actually what they are saying may not be what they are meaning! It is also extremely useful in building rapport – again both in personal and work situations.
Thank you Joe for helping me in this way. You truly are the ‘Transformer’ and have started me on a fascinating journey of expanded awareness and self-discovery.
I am aware that Joe is just as successful in the business field as he is in personal coaching, and I would heartily recommend him to you for either. Should you feel that Joe’s services are too expensive, please reconsider. You simply can’t afford not to – he is worth his weight in gold!”

Theresa from Staffordshire

“I was lucky enough to receive coaching from Joe in 2014. Joe has a wonderful coaching style – friendly, approachable and direct, efficiently leading me to develop compelling goals that lit me up inside and smashing various limiting beliefs that held me back in the past from achieving more. Joe has a great sense of humour which not only put me completely at ease but also provided an enduring lesson in itself that I shouldn’t take life too seriously. Despite dealing with sensitive and emotional issues, Joe’s calm professionalism caused the process to be easy, pain-free and totally liberating. If you are looking for a coach to help you achieve more then I would completely recommend Joe.
Joe: If you wanted to add additional pieces based on your template, then you can add:
If you feel that you can’t afford coaching with Joe I would ask how much success you are currently having that you can afford not to?
If you don’t think you have enough time to spend on coaching I would strongly recommend that you don’t have the time not to. If you don’t believe me then work with Joe on a trial basis and watch your results soar.”

Matthew M

Dear Joe,

I would like to say a big thank you for all the help and support in a very challenging period of my life following massive events in work and home, juggling these can be hard at the best of times and asking for help is always my weakness, I have been self-employed for over 20 years and have always been my own boss, when things get tough I always accept the challenge and move forward towards my goals.

This particular time I was hit with family issues and a huge change in my business which put not only myself under huge pressure but also the people around me and this just felt there were little ways to turn, that’s when I contacted Joe, not to ask for help just to talk to someone outside of my circle.

Joe was the perfect person to speak to, he was a great listener and helped me answer my own questions without any pressure.

We arranged to meet up the following week put a plan together to work on solutions to help with my current situations and help put strategies in place to help with moving forward, after our first meeting I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and felt re-energised with a clear focus on both my business my homelife.

I now feel if things get tough there is always a way to get through, with planning and structure anything is possible.

I would recommend working with Joe to any business owner or entrepreneur not only for help in difficult times but to help with strategic planning and forecasting to prevent these time arising.

Many Thanks

Kelvin Newman

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