When asked, "How's business?" what would your response be?

If your response is..."It's ok, but could be better."

You are in the right place!

Joe O'Connor is Regarded as One of the UK's Leading Inspirational Speakers & Coaches for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

How would you like to increase your productivity and find solutions to your day to day challenges? Could you benefit from having effective strategies to improve your performance Would you like to achieve your true potential and become the best version of you?

Improving your self-esteem and focusing on your well-being can have a real positive impact on your overall performance.

The MASTERMIND and beyond I've designed shows you how to work smarter. If accepted onto the program you discover how to design your new success strategy and approach things differently to create more positive outcomes.

You also develop a strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs who become your ACE problem solving team (24/7). Furthermore, you discover the strategies to remove any barriers you may currently be facing. As a result, you’ll have more time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Helping others achieve success brings immense satisfaction and helping business entrepreneurs like you achieve your goals is amazing. My professional services include One to One and Group sessions, Inspirational team building workshops, The Transformer MASTERMIND and beyond, Keynote speaker and Motivational seminars. I have also developed a programme of Team Leadership techniques, Health and Wealth systems plus Mindset Management strategies.

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"I have worked with Joe for Business Coaching and received a Break through day for many reasons personal & business. I have managed to increase my monthly rental turnover by 300%." - Nikki Abell-Francis Zenci Clinic

What my clients are saying...

I had the privilege of working with Joe and it truly was an honour. His coaching style is one which exudes energy and passion, which is apt as this is what he exactly how he is as a person. Upon meeting Joe, you will understand how he motivates his clients, as his enthusiasm not only for his career, but his life is infectious. Since working with Joe, I have learned how to capture every positive of the day and celebrate the small successes on the way to your goal, not just the goal itself. If you are looking for a coach, I couldn’t recommend him enough. 


My experience of Joe’s coaching was that he made me feel very relaxed, whilst at the same time which helped me to achieve great results. I found his coaching style to be instrumental in me moving my life forward and I can’t thank Joe enough.


Through his very direct but supportive coaching style, Joe enabled me to become more aware of the nuances of communication which we all show in our physiology . This is a valuable skill which I can use both in personal and business scenarios, as it enables me to understand better what the other person is communicating, and that actually what they are saying may not be what they are meaning! It is also extremely useful in building rapport – again both in personal and work situations.
Thank-you Joe for helping me in this way. You truly are the ‘Transformer’ and have started me on a fascinating journey of expanded awareness and self discovery.