The power of what you know is transformed by who you know

Joe’s Black Book of over 10,000 business expert contacts, gurus if you will, ranging from Financial Advisers to billion-pound Company Directors, many with over 30 years of experience in the business world, thus forming a wide and formidable spectrum of industries and specialisms, all sharing their knowledge and expertise with Joe’s MASTERMIND & beyond members.

Here is just a small snapshot of some the industries and success within them:

Owner of a large, Award-winning, multi-million-pound Legal firm with over 50 employees.

A senior partner in a large, multi-million-pound Accountancy firm with over 100 employees.

Owner of a large multi-million-pound property development company with over 50 employees and a team of over 100 building subcontractors.

Owner of a large multi-million pound light aircraft flying school.

Owner of a large multi-million-pound Helicopter flying school.

Owner of a large multi-billion pound Financial Advisory firm, which has doubled and even trebled client portfolio values.

A CEO of the regional Chamber of Commerce with personal contact with the upper echelon of a large multi-billion pound companies.

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