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Professional Financial Adviser Partner of True Potential Wealth Management – September 2010 to PRESENT

Year on year, Joe has achieved and maintained my partnership qualification because the examination criteria and continuous Professional Development regime is extremely onerous, demanding a high level of commitment and dedication, endorsing Joe’s claim as one of the most experienced and results-focused Professional Financial Advisers in the country successfully creating wealth strategies for businesses and individuals.

One of the first Independent Financial Advisers in the UK to advance to Levels 1, 2 & 3 qualifications in the Financial Planning Certificate (FPC)

Following advancing Joe’s qualifications, many years of continuous Professional Development ensued and as the qualification criteria was increased by the Personal Finance Society (the Professional Body and part of the Chartered Insurance Institute) Joe continued to increase my knowledge and level of qualifications.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Investment Strategies
  • Business Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Exit Strategy Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Wills, Trust and Estate Planning
  • Mortgage broker (residential/commercial)

Joe’s experience in the knowledge has now advanced him onto earning a Diploma.

Founder and CEO of Transformation For Veterans – (Originally know as Sanctuary for Veterans) – 2008 to PRESENT

As the result of my serious accident in the military, during time serving with the SAS, a distinct lack of support for injured veterans and their families was highlighted, even those seriously affected from serving in the British Forces in war and peace campaigns abroad, such as Afghanistan.

As a result, knowing the positive impact Joe had already achieved, I knew I could help those for whom no support or funding has been provided. Therefore, sourcing my business knowledge and acumen
Joe set out to build the Sanctuary For Veterans Charity organisation and facility to help veterans, desperately in need of mental and physical rehabilitation from the effects and horrors of the theatre of war.

To give you a measure of what Joe had to personally do, or get involved in, to set up the charity, here are the successful stages completed:

  • Established the Transformation for Veterans sanctuary. Devised the full-spectrum business plan, with phased growth to a staffing complement of 25 people, requiring up to £3 MILLION self-raised funding.
  • Through the first years of the project, taken responsibility for precisely defining the mission, devising the business strategy and recruiting the Board of Trustees.
  • Created the detailed planning permission to build a sanctuary of 23 Lodges, and state of the art empowerment plus future life building strategies training etc. etc. to establish costs and ongoing maintenance requirements.
  • Liaised with and briefed marketing experts to design and launch the S4V website.
  • Recruited staff and volunteers.
  • Established procedures and processes for fundraising and the networking strategy to introduce and nurture the funding channels.
  • Networked in commercial contexts to secure support and raise profile.
  • Undertook numerous public speaking engagements, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Developed links internationally with other veteran charities.
  • Organised a range of high-profile fundraising events, including a motorbike rally, an outdoor concert and a Summer Ball.
  • Secured a bespoke career development package, known as a STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT SYSTEM, valued in excess of £100,000.

CEO and Founder of The Transformer company – July 2017 to PRESENT

When Joe realised he had found a way to help a lot more people achieve the boundless results that he had enabled when just working 1-2-1 with my clients, Joe knew he could make a real impacting difference in the world that has transformed my life too. Joe pulled together more than 30 years of multiple life and business  ‘struggle-to-success’ experience, expertise and learnings, to invent a new, innovative method that would expand the number of people’s lives he could help transform exponentially.

It made the knowledge Joe shares more accessible, affordable and transformational than ever before.

And so, The Transformer was born.

When you read more about The Transformer, you will see that, because unwavering belief in yourself to achieve the seemingly impossible, a healthy body and high performing mind, and a tried and tested wealth strategy is essential to life and business success, Mindset, Health & Wealth play the primary roles in the way I help business owners and entrepreneurs.

Property Developer Experience – May 1994 to PRESENT

  • Source land
  • Negotiate purchase price
  • Liaise with my legal team
  • Deal with planning application to build four new semi-detached houses

Joe has developed lasting relationships with a team of surveyors, architects and property valuers my MM’s can have access to:

  • Negotiate No Money Down deals on Buy to Let and Commercial Property
  • Property negotiation with tenants, landlords, letting agents and estate agents
  • Raising finance and negotiating with lenders
  • Specialist in Equity Release and Later Life Lending schemes

In addition to being a fully qualified residential and Commercial broker for lending, Joe has a panel of Brokers, introducers and lenders to choose from.

Experience in project managing building projects i.e. Joe was the Chief Advanced City and Guilds Plumber and Pipefitter in charge of a team of Plumbers during the construction of a 250000-gallon underground water reservoir built in Canada to supply a military base in the outback. This was built because the existing water well was drying up.

Portfolio Landlord – September 1988 to PRESENT

  • Rent collection
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow
  • Property maintenance
  • Negotiating with Letting Agents
  • Organising Gas Safety and Electrical installation certificates
  • Formulating a sale and acquisition Power Team
  • Manage tenant complaints and arrears

Founder and CEO: Independent Financial Adviser 3D Wealth Management – September 1988 to 2010

Developing client awareness in financial management and how to maximise their assets to grow wealth in a tax efficient manner.  Responsible for:

  • Analysing an individual’s or business’s financial position and creating a strategy for the future
  • Identifying individual goals and creating a bespoke plan for the future.
  • Creating a firm foundation and planning for unforeseen events such as premature death, critical illness or long-term incapacity to work
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment planning
  • Money management to create positive cashflow
  • Creating a suitable investment portfolio
  • Will Writer and Specialist Trust Adviser

Club and Restaurant Owner – 1994 to 1997

Joe invested in a run-down working men’s club and converted it into a quality refurbished, family village pub, attracting a completely new clientele. Joe then managed the business during which he was responsible for the financial strategy of the business and ordering products (beer, wines and spirits, food and all maintenance supplies) and managing the staff.

My other responsibilities included:

  • Booking entertainment.
  • DJ’ing.
  • Security of the club during and outside opening hours.

With an EXIT Strategy in mind we set a goal to sell the family pub business and the property, as a whole, within 3 years. We achieved this a few months early at a 400% profit.

Utility Warehouse Distributor – 2009 to 2016

Providing a method to reduce clients’ monthly expenditure on utilities within the business, saving up to 25%/£1,500, and personally up to 25%/£800. This is depending on spend. This creates more expendable income for their business and personally to either invest elsewhere and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Key areas of focus include:

  • Cost analysis of gas, electricity, telephone and broadband expenditure (including personal and business mobile phones)
  • Facilitate, where applicable, the switching of the services as a cost reduction exercise
  • Monitor the switching process
  • Regularly review the client’s position and keep them updated with the introduction of new services
  • Organise marketing campaigns and outdoor events to promote potential savings to more people.
  • Manage a team of distributors to deliver on the service.

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