How To Achieve Greatness While On Holiday

August 1, 2019

Have you ever wondered why you get the best ideas when you’re away on holiday? Whether your holiday is a short break or a longer trip away.

I believe when you use special techniques. Some of which I want to share here with you now, you not only rest your mind on holiday…

You actually can clear it too.

So while I won’t be working while I’m away, I will be using the free headspace to get some clarity on where I go next and what I want to make happen when I get back.

The bonus is you can still get to do all the normal holiday stuff, while following my top five holiday tips:

GET UP AT EARLY (6AM is a early enough)

Whatever time you usually get up at home change it now just while you are on holiday.

It may seem a bit extreme to you, but those few extra hours around sunrise before anyone else  is up (unless they share your dreams with someone else.

Then get them up too:-))

Provide an incredible opportunity for contemplating your future and thinking creatively.


If your anything like me I love exercising on holiday. Even if I’m away and having a rest.

Exercising every morning can help make you feel so much better, fresher and at one with your world. You’ll be amazed how much more energised you feel too!


Dream BIG because the sky is ready to accept your dreams. Remember, no matter what business or life challenge you have, use your time away to think big and create.

Hey just because everything doesn’t fit your vision right now, doesn’t mean your vision isn’t possible because it is.

All you need to do is visualise it, feel it and believe in it. Then you can make it happen as if by magic.


I know you know there’s rarely a time when everything is going to plan.

So remove yourself from the equation and take a birds eye view of what can be changed to improve things. You’ll be surprised at just how effective making small changes can be.

Oh and I guarantee when you do this you’ll feel so much better than if you just forget it for a week knowing you’ll return to the same problems.

The Ostrich technique doesn’t work and if you don’t believe me ask an ostrich who has been kicked in the bum a few times.

If something isn’t working let it go (I feel a song coming on) and get clarity about what practical changes you can take to move you to a better place.


The thing is this I believe that when you use this type of creative planning your unconscious mind doesn’t actual see the process as work.

In fact you may even find the process cathartic and it even helps you relax while on your holiday.

It is during this time you can establish:

  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to be
  • And then Map out how you are getting ther

Then by day five you may surprise yourself when your future is mapped out in front of you.

You have even identified the changes you are already making for when you return from your holiday.

To help you further you must remember to make your decisions with complete conviction and schedule the execution date for each event.

In fact you need to;

  • Schedule out the time in your diary for each task
  • Arrange your meetings and calls for the first few days when you arrive back
  • Book yourself onto the events, courses and mastermind groups that can help you get to where you want to be.

It is important you get in the routine of doing this because it can change your life.

So give it a go now – you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find you’ll relax so much more when you’ve dealt with anything that’s stressing you out.

By taken action you are taking control which helps you regain the focus and clarity you need to achieve great things on your return.

So if you are serious about taking action and achieving more then book yourself onto my Famous Inner Circle members group.

The next one is in October…

Places are limited to seven so you get the very best of me when attending.

This is to ensure you get my complete attention.