The Pathfinder Ultimate Success System



A system that understands the complexities you navigate and offers a structured, military-inspired approach to overcoming these challenges, so you can achieve the goals, dreams and aspirations you deserve.

Developed by Joe O’Connor, a seasoned veteran, business leader and Vetreprenuer (Veteran Entrepreneur)

The Pathfinder is designed based on decades of military and business leadership experience. It harnesses the power of strategic planning and mental toughness—skills that are paramount on the battlefield and in the boardroom.

‘The Pathfinder Ultimate Success System’ is a step-by-step system, where you discover simple strategies such as:

  • The ‘Make Your Bed’ strategy to start your day positively
  • ‘The Reconnaissance’ questions to help you discover your purpose
  • The ‘How Equals Why’ formula to clearly identify your WHY
  • How to transform your WHY into a clear purpose (only a handful of people I have met use this)
  • The ‘Life Compass’ map, to understand your true priorities in your life and in your business
  • The Ostrich technique on goal setting and how to avoid goal failure, using the 10-Step Critical Checklist
  • The SMARTA formula to smash your goals every time
  • PLUS: Simple, yet proven templates to keep you on track

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