Think You Can vs KNOW You Can

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You will learn...

  • The ONE known factor that stands between success and failure (belief)
  • About how I was told by two neurosurgeons I would never walk again... yet years later I completed the NY marathon!
  • If it is really possible to choose to thrive, rather than just survive?
  • If you find yourself simply accepting things "the way they are" or are you ready to choose to do something about it?


  • How long does transformation really take?
  • Who is ultimately in charge of your destiny and in charge of what happens next?
  • Real life effects of a closed mind vs an open mind
  • Change is simple: Once you open your mind to taking action and doing something different, change happens


  • Do you focus on positive dreams... or negative problems? This is extremely important because... YOU GET what you FOCUS ON!
  • What decision did you make to get where you are now?
  • Dig deep into the process of addictions... "Can we just not help addictions or do we have a choice?"
  • Learn to take "You are what you eat" further: "You are what you eat, drink, think and do.
  • Did you know it is usually the SMALL DECISIONS that end up having the biggest bearing on where we end up?
  • Find out why 90% of New Year's Resolutions FAIL.


  • In life you can choose to be the cause of how you experience what happens next or you can live at the effect of what is happening.
  • Being 'at effect' is limiting and provides you with little or no choice.
  • On the flip side... being 'at cause' gives you total choice and meaning.
  • Are you responsible for how you react to what is happening?
  • What excuses/reasons have you given in the past which are needless?


  • What will happen as you focus on what you want in life?
  • What will change?
  • Will people and circumstances around you start appearing differently?
  • Blunt yes. However, the simple fact is - the only way to move forward in life is to leave negativity behind. This includes negative people.
  • Find others who think positively... just like you! Make new friends.
  • Remember, it's NO USE trying to explain anything to someone who dwells in negativity.
  • BE WARNED: don't try to "convert" everyone to your new found positivity.


  • Have you tried reciting mantras or affirmations to relax or motivate yourself? Did they work?
  • What deep-seated beliefs are holding you back?
  • When did you form those beliefs?
  • Your beliefs are your TRUTH, which is great if they are empowering because they are treated as FACTS.
  • When we are told things from others, many people "buy into" what they are being told.
  • Are you looking at YOUR OWN capabilities through the lens of others "impossibility goggles"?
  • Be careful who you listen to...
  • How will changing your self-belief improve your life?


  • How much attention do you pay to the words you use when you talk to people?
  • Stories are magical...
  • Words create feelings - whether you are conscious of this or not.
  • Find out what is the most TOXIC word... and why?
  • The greatest achievers have failed many times before they were successful! (J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Richard Branson, and Michael Jordan to name a few...)
  • Did you know Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basket ball team?
  • Stay focussed on your goal... and never ever give up!
  • Aim, test and adjust.
  • I spent many years as a military man and trained recruits how to shoot and hit a target.
  • Feedback is the food of champions.
  • Energy flows where focus goes.
  • When you continually focus on what you don't want, then that is all that will show up for you. (And the OPPOSITE is true also.)
  • Do you pay attention to what you are saying. Really?

Chapter 7: HIT THAT GOAL

  • What do you want?
  • Setting personal goals will greatly increase your energy and sense of purpose.
  • Learn my 3 GOLDEN SECRETS for goal success...
  • Often, having a detailed plan can limit your outcome...
  • Have NO OTHER OPTION... only your goal!
  • Turn your scepticism into curiosity.
  • Your mind does NOT run you - you are in charge.
  • 15 years after that fatal mountain fall, and was told I would NEVER WALK AGAIN... I completed the New York Marathon!
  • When you know you can do something - you just do it!
  • Think You Can vs KNOW You Can!

Transform Your Life...

Don't waste another day living a life you do not want to live.

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