I’m really enjoying my PFS Transform Public Speaking Tour and it’s so great to be spreading my message from the stage which is probably one of the best ways to engage with your audience.

If you feel speaking on stage is difficult let me ask you a question; have you ever faced any challenges in your life? If you answered “Yes”, how did you overcome those challenges? Perhaps it was an exam, you just had to pass. Maybe it was hiking, to the top of a mountain. Or maybe, it was just as simple as getting out of bed in the morning. The thing is you probably managed to overcome the challenge. Public Speaking on stage is no different and the results can be amazing.

You see, I believe we are all born with a built in ability to overcome any challenges and obstacles life throws at us. Think of any athlete for example. They are constantly training to ensure they are always in peak physical form so they can overcome the challenges thrown at them while competing. Now I’m not saying you need to become the next Mo Farah by next Wednesday, but you too can apply this mindset strategy into your life.

Take one of my recent and ongoing challenges. I am currently travelling  across the United Kingdom to on a Public Speaking Tour, speaking to almost 4000 professional financial advisors about business efficiency at the Personal Finance Society Regional Conferences (PFS).

We are calling it The Transformer Tour and my presentation focus is on Time Management. I am allocated only 30 minutes to demonstrate the importance in being time efficient (no pressure then). Remembering my audience consists of people who are experts in their field and have sat through hundreds of hours of presentations in their career.

As with any of my Transformer events I provided feedback forms for my audience. The presentation  is scored  out of 10 . 10 being excellent. Scoring is given on the content of the presentation and on me as a presenter. The idea being that I achieve my usual average of 8/10 or above.

The first few presentations went down a well. I spoke with a number of my audience in the break and they provided many brilliant video testimonials and positive comments. Like at any event similar to this, there were a few audience members who my message wasn’t quite hitting home…..

Now, I could have very easily just blamed them for not understanding my message saying something like, “Oh well, nothing I can do if they choose not to understand my message.” The thing is, at least in my book that’s just not a good  enough response. While I know I might not be able to please everybody all of the time,I know it’s essential to take the constructive criticisms on board, make some minor amendments to make the overall presentation more enjoyable and appealing to everybody in the room.

So I spent the next few nights adjusting, tweaking and amending my presentation so it complemented the feedback given. Needless to say, my overall feedback score shot up by 25 per cent at the next presentation which put me well on the way to achieving 10/10. This was all done by reviewing certain parts of my presentation so my overall delivery and content was improved.  

The valuable lesson to be learnt from this is you should always look to improve yourself wherever and whenever you can. Always encourage people to give you constructive feedback so you can get a better understanding of your audience/client. What they think went well and even more importantly what they think can be improved.

Even if you’re getting feedback from your friends and family, it’s all relevant. You can then spot any trends in that feedback and adjust accordingly.

Because when you are able to accept all manner of criticism you can really forge ahead as the real champion you deserve to be.

If you would like to learn my proven techniques and strategies for overcoming any challenges in your life, contact me now so we can arrange how best I can help you.

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