Are you a business owner with 250 or more employees? If so, then you’ve only got a few weeks left to act before you must publish your gender pay gap data.

Here’s my top tips and advice…

Have The Stats To Hand

There are 14 pieces of statistical information that you should have compiled in respect of your gender pay gap:

Mean and median gender pay gap

Bonus mean and median gender pay gap

Bonus eligibility for both male and female

The split by male and female within the four quartiles of the workforce:

Upper quartile male and female

Upper middle quartile male and female

Lower middle quartile male and female

Quartile male and female.

What’s The Deadline?

If you’re in the private and voluntary sectors the deadline is 4 April 2018 and in the public sector it’s 30 March 2018. That’s the day before you have to secure the data for the 2018 snapshot as you’re uploading the snapshot data from 2017. Your gender pay gap stats will build up, so that there will always be a three-year display that the government hopes shows an improving picture.

Get Registered

You’ll first need to register at . If you received a letter from the Government Equalities Office, use the reference number and security code provided. If you didn’t receive a letter, register using an e-mail address you provide that will be used to verify your identity before a PIN is sent in the post within seven days.

Publish On Your Website First

You need a web page that must be able to be searched and therefore accessed easily by both employees and the public. You’ll need the URL of the page where the statistics are published before you upload to the government service.

What If You Dislike The Stats?

If you have 250 or more workers (so not just employees, it includes casual workers who you pay on invoice) based in Great Britain, i.e. not including Northern Ireland, there is an unlimited fine for failing to publish and/or for publishing inaccurate stats. So if you have fewer than 250 workers you have nothing to worry about, unlike some rather well-known businesses!