I was on holiday last week with my family and our dog, Harvey. On the Wednesday we were walking along a bridlepath through a field and Harvey was on his lead. As we approached a number of livestock Harvey became curious.

At one point we passed a sheep and Harvey took immediate interest; he walked over for a closer look but the sheep was not impressed and promptly, but gently, butted him on the nose.

Harvey was taken aback by this, but stood his ground like any self respecting labrador would – the sheep did likewise. It looked like a standoff at the OK Coral (well almost anyway)! Harvey was still curious, and despite having been butted, moved his snout forward in an attempt to get to know the sheep better.

We stood motionless and watched the situation unfold with interest. While it was apparent that the sheep was simply protecting her young, it was also clear that nothing untoward would happen. Eventually Harvey got bored at the lack of reciprocation and we carried on with our walk – and it got me thinking …

Harvey and the sheep were completely fearless in their curiosity of each other. A bit like kids are when they are out exploring. They display this wanton curiosity as they are finding out how things are. They have no expectations or preconditioned responses as they have no previous experience of certain situations, so they have nothing to cloud their judgement or expectations.

As adults we allow experience and past situations to form our beliefs and expectations of how things will turn out NOW. We think we know how things will turn out based on our past experiences and our thoughts about the future. In doing this we are using the past (which has been and gone and no longer here) and the future (which has not happened yet) to create our present moment. How daft does that sound?

We allow a past that no longer exists and a future that has been made up to totally make up how we experience the here and now moment. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

Yet most of us are guilty of doing this all of the time. So what if we learnt to take each situation with a clean slate? So in effect we experience things without thoughts of what has happened in the past.

Too many people avoid situations and events simply out of fear. A fear that is based on something that happened previously – and yet we have no guarantee that history will repeat itself.

What if we could leave the past behind, stop predicting the future and just experience NOW – without any judgement and took each moment as a fresh start. So what if you failed in the past or things didn’t go as you wanted then, that’s the past, it’s finished so “Build a Bridge and get over it” as we say in the Corp of Royal Engineers. You have a golden opportunity to make a fresh start every single day, in fact every single moment.

How you experience situations depends on how you build your own story. You can experience it with the weight of doom and gloom from the past on your shoulders or you can start afresh with the attitude of wanton curiosity … “what if everything turns out exactly as you would like it to?”

 Let’s get back to the keenness and excitement of when we were children, that longing to find out what happens IF …

What if things turn out right?

 What if I just have a go?

 What if I succeeded?

We could all be a bit more like Harvey – be curious, and don’t let a little butt on the nose stop you enjoying your moment.


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