CEO’s, Directors, Managers, Coaches, Consultants…  

Let Me Help You to Scale Your Business to The Next Level in 2019!

From: Joe 'The Transformer' O'Connor

I’m looking for 6 ambitious CEO’s, Directors, Managers, Coaches and Consultants to join our Inner Circle Mastermind…

These 6 spaces in the ‘Inner Circle Mastermind' are exclusively for success driven individuals who want to scale up their business in the next 12 months.

Once these final 6 spaces have been taken, we'll be at maximum capacity, and we’ll be ‘closing the doors’ for the foreseeable future.

If you're one of ‘the 6’ you will:

  • Get regular one-on-one advice and mentoring from me personally (usually upwards of £12k/year)
  • Meet regularly and Mastermind with an Elite group of CEO’s, Directors, Managers, Coaches & Consultants.
  • Have access to all my tried, tested and proven business & financial strategies for growing your business and your wealth.
  • …And we’ll give you whatever else you need to take your business to the next level (help with Social Media campaigns, how to find more clients, close more deals… we’ll do whatever it takes!)

However, there are two small conditions if you want to be considered...

1. You need to be prepared to work hard!

If we're going to work together on transforming your business into one that thrives you need to be ‘all in’ for the next 12 months.

You need to be able to give it your full focus!

So if you're one of these people who likes to "dabble" in and out of projects and programmes - you might as well stop reading now - this is not for you.

But if you can commit 100%, I'd love to work with you and help you smash it in the next 12 months.

2. You need to be prepared to be a featured case study in my future marketing

I'm prepared to significantly discount my usual £12,000+VAT fee to work with you, providing I can do a ‘before and after’ video interview, telling the story of how together we transformed your aspiring business. This will include sharing the financial results you've achieved.

As you may know, over the last 30 years I've become known as the "go-to guy" when it comes to creating wealth strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners in the UK.

In fact, many of the clients who’ve worked with me have gone on to achieve millionaire status with the legal and financial stability skills they received. I have used these same processes to achieve complete financial stability for myself, my business and my family.

And as I already said, I currently charge £12,000+VAT to work with a client.

Here are just a few of our Mastermind members, who are getting stunning results right now:

Nikki Abell-Francis:

When Health Clinic owner Nikki first began working with us she experienced a day of personal and business breakthroughs. Nikki has since increased her monthly turnover by 300%!

“Joe helped me to overcome my fear of failure and reach beyond what I thought was possible. He helped me become clear on my goals and assess the actions I would have to take, in order to step outside my comfort zone and achieve success.”

Patrick Mwambila:

“Joe has changed the way I handle things mentally and financially. He’s dedication to helping people succeed in life is tremendous. I enjoy both a better work and home life and no longer am I worried about the future. I feel very fortunate to be among the people connected to Joe and the admirable work he does.”

Kelvin Newman:
Working with Joe has massively improved the way we run our business. Most of the time we have the skills ourselves, but just need a push in the right direction and Joe is fantastic at pulling out those locked in skills. I would recommend working with Joe to any business owner or entrepreneur as he has helped me and my business to levels I never thought was possible.

You see I’ve deliberately designed this programme to have a perfect balance between learning and doing. Meaning when you enrol today, you can be safe in the knowledge you’re guaranteed to apply what you learn.

There are literally dozens of other examples I could share, but I don't want to make this page any longer than it already is!

Remember - I'm looking for 6 people only to join our elite group.

These people will work closely with me, my team, and the current members over the next 12 months to get the systems and strategies put in place to achieve scalable growth.

Let me be blunt, I HATE those hyped up programmes that promise you a get rich quick scheme by doing nothing. They're just not realistic. So I cannot and will not make any promises here.

I'll do my bit (help you define a strategic plan to grow, work with you to ensure you keep more of the money you earn,) and YOU will need to put in the hours as well.

What I will tell you, is that unless I believe you’ve got a real shot at finding or scaling success in the next 12 months, I won’t accept you into the group.

So what I'd like to do is invite you to come and spend a day with me (for FREE) where I'll show you the ins and outs of how the programme works, so you can see for yourself what it's all about and together we can decide if we’re a good fit (all the details of this "Discovery Day" are at the bottom of this email).

What I can tell you, is that 15 years ago I was left with nothing.

No money.

No prospects.

And no idea what I was going to do next.

Since then, I've grown 2 separate businesses from scratch that have generated significant wealth and have since founded my own Registered Charity.

Now I'm going to show you exactly how I've created, but more importantly kept hold (because we all know, it’s not about how much you make but how much you keep) of the wealth generated from my businesses.The Success Driven 6 will get to leverage my expertise, my brand and my “black book” a support & services network of over 30 years in the making, meaning you’ll have everything you need to get to the next level in your industry.

So, the big question:


That's a valid question. So let me explain the two main reasons why I'm looking for 6 new people to join our Inner Circle Mastermind:


This year I expect to run somewhere in the region of 4-5 live events, and whenever I speak I always like to share new case studies from the stage.

Of course, I could just roll out and showcase the same studies I've mentioned above, but it's important to me that the success stories I share are recent, and reflect the range of individuals and business that have achieved success with us.


Whilst I love running my own workshops and events, the most profitable part of my business has always been working with clients in either a small group setting (like a Mastermind) or one-to-one.

Running 4-5 events will be our biggest year yet, it will take a lot of effort and cost a lot of money, so in order to maintain a healthy profit margin, it's good for me to continue to work with clients in a more intimate setting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I've personally invested well in excess of £147,000 over the last few years mastering the key skills for success in my business.

You will be learning and honing some of the techniques I have discovered from my world class mentors, so you too can find out what works and what doesn't.

So as you can see I've invested time and money into building a network of over 10,000 people and so clearly, when you join the Inner Circle Mastermind, you will be expected to invest as well.

Whilst I'm happy to waive the £12,000+VAT fee I'd normally charge for working with a client, you will be expected to make some sort of investment, just to make sure you're 'all in'.

The investment won't be anywhere near my usual £12,000+VAT fee, but will still be significant.

In return, if you follow my instructions, I expect your business to at least double within the next 12 months (and probably grow even faster than that).

But as I already mentioned, before we can decide whether or not this opportunity is right for you, I'd like to invite you to "discover" it all for FREE first.

So, I've decided to host a "Discovery Day" for interested parties near my Cheshire office in Tarporley on Thursday 28th February 2019.

At the Discovery Day I'll show you behind the scenes of my strategies and our vision for the future.

I'll share my step-by-step process of how I’ve helped some of the country’s leading CEO's, professionals and business owners (as well as some relative newbies) to rapidly grow their businesses and generate many millions of pounds in sales.

In the time we have together, I promise I won't hold back a single detail, because I want you to have all the facts.

Then we'll have a quick lunch (on me!) and in the afternoon you'll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like about joining.

Finally, if you'd like to be considered for one of the 6 spaces I have available, you and I will sit down together for a private 1-to-1 interview where we'll decide if you’re a good fit.

We'll start at 10am and I expect to wrap up around 2pm.

A couple of points about the Discovery Day:

1. There are only 6 spaces available.

Due to the personal nature of the day, I can only allow 6 people to attend (and remember, we only have 6 spaces left available in Mastermind).

*** UPDATE: 2.36pm 23/01/19 - ONLY 3 SPACES REMAINING! ***

So, please do NOT attend unless you're at the least very interested in this opportunity.

Having said that, you MUST attend if you want to be considered as one of the 6 people I'm going to work with.

I can't be spending hours on the phone with each individual who's interested. That's why I'm running the discovery day! So I can take a few hours out of my calendar and explain everything to a small group of people all at once.

So in order to be considered, you must attend. No exceptions.

2. It's free to attend.

However, to ensure the 6 places at the Discovery Day aren't wasted (therefore denying serious candidates the opportunity) a fully refundable deposit of £250 is payable.

This is just to demonstrate your commitment. The way I see it, is if someone won't pay the £250 deposit to attend the Discovery Day, there's no way they'll be prepared to invest their time and resources in joining us and getting their business to thrive.

When you attend the Discovery Day, there's no obligation whatsoever. If you decide this opportunity isn't right for you, your deposit will be refunded to you immediately.

To reserve your place at the Discovery Day on Thursday 28th February, just click the link below to pay your fully refundable deposit of £250:

If you have any further questions before committing to attend the Discovery Day, please email me on

Remember, there are only 6 spaces available at the Discovery Day. Once they have been snapped up, this opportunity will disappear.

So if you're at all interested in joining our Inner Circle Mastermind, I urge you to read this page again and reserve your space on the Discovery Day today.

If you come along and the opportunity isn't for you... no problem!

I'll happily refund your £250 deposit immediately. You really have nothing to lose.

Speak soon,