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of your business

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I have found that climbing a mountain, running a marathon (in just over 4 hours), learning to walk again from paralysis, doctors said I never would, in fact completing the New York marathon some years later, starting a veterans charity, and creating several successful businesses ... all follow a similar formula of success...

How do I know?

I've been there... done them all... and here to show you how!

This might be a page about me, but only where your benefit is concerned.

What I share here is purely to demonstrate where the skills, awareness and expertise have been sourced from, the mistakes I have made and the lessons I have learned, to give you what you need to take your business from where it is now, in this moment, to beyond where you even aspired it to be.

Here you will find how my “been there, done it” experience and knowledge will help you to conquer the challenges in your business, and make life changes that literally change your life.

I have been to hell and back a few times…

... and am still standing with a profound desire to help others:

  • Avoid the same mistakes I made
  • Learn from the methods that got me through the toughest times
  • Benefit from knowledge and techniques that have helped thousands of business owners with the 12+1 Master Keys to unlock their business.

“Life isn’t about change. It isn’t even about managing change. Life is about having the vision to create your goal and transforming everything in your world so that you achieve it, live it and maintain it forever.”

Joe O’Connor

I believe you create your own future. In fact I had to. As an active young boy in the great outdoors I experienced two life changing events that would throw my life into turmoil and conflict.

At the age of 14 I was involved in a serious near fatal road incident that left me in a wheelchair for a year. Undaunted, I resumed my life and achieved things I was told were not physically possible.

Then at the age of 37 whilst on selection with the UK's Elite Special Forces (S.A.S.), I was blown off a mountain ridge during a military training exercise, falling some 400 feet, breaking my neck, leading to two spinal injury consultants determining lifelong paralysis.

Paralysis brought with it the unwelcome dependence on my parents, as a result of divorce, losing everything but my self respect. Both the event at the early age of 14 years and my later incident were devastating and caused me to question my view of the world and my part in it.

One thing I can say is these experiences presented me with an opportunity to choose how my life would pan out and, on both occasions, I chose to move forward using the incident as my guide to achieve success, to not accept what fate seemed to have handed me. Both times I made a conscious decision to improvise, adapt and overcome and, in doing so, transformed my life.

I have the personal proof that every single pivotal moment in your life, you can choose how your life turns out rather than let life just happen to you. Does that make sense?

To achieve your true purpose in life, you need to make a choice. A choice whether to succeed or roll over and accept things just as they are. My passion and purpose in life is to enable people like you to realise their full potential. This drive and vision brought me to establish my company, The Transformer Lifestyle Company, and also found the charity Transformation for Veterans.

I believe everyone has the capability to do anything they set their mind to. I also developed skills to train people to develop a clear mindset and to help them transform their lives for the better.

So, consider the following factors. I overcame serious adversity and, in doing so, learned some valuable life lessons. Don't you feel you can too? Having studied for many years as a Wealth Management Specialist and achieved Trainer status in NLP Communications (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy and Master of TimeLine Therapy, I extend my knowledge to those who want to benefit.

THOUSANDS of people have conquered seemingly impossible challenges with my coaching for nearly 40 years...

Business & Personal

I have been coaching wealth management and financial strategies reaching over 5,000 people, 80 per cent of which have been business owner entrepreneurs.

I have been providing Physical Training and Coaching to 1000's of people to fulfil their personal goals to run 5Km, 10Km and even a marathon level races or to compete in extreme physical challenges such as Triathlons, to even coaching an individual to be selected for the Liverpool Harriers (a British Athletics League organisation that has boasted 53 Great Britain International Athletes, some of which representing GB and Northern Ireland in the Olympic and Paralympic Games).


During my military career I trained and coached over 10,000 serving and ex-military personnel in a whole myriad of different ways:

  • Skills Development
  • Confidence-building
  • Leadership & Initiative
  • Mindset
  • Team Building
  • Extreme conditions combat & survival

My Little Black Book

The power of what you know is transformed by who you know. My Black Book of over 10,000 business expert contacts, gurus if you will, ranging from Financial Advisers to billion pound Company Directors, many with over 30 years of experience in the business world, thus forming a wide and formidable spectrum of industries and specialisms, all sharing their knowledge and expertise with my MASTERMIND & beyond members.

Here is just a small snapshot of some the industries and success within them:

  • Owner of an large, Award winning, multi-million pound Legal firm with over 50 employees.
  • A senior partner in a large, multi-million pound Accountancy firm with over 100 employees.
  • Owner of a large multi-million pound property development company with over 50 employees and a team of over 100 building subcontractors.
  • Owner of a large multi-million pound light aircraft flying school.
  • Owner of a large multi-million pound Helicopter flying school.
  • Owner of a large multi-billion pound Financial Advisory firm, which has doubled and even trebled client portfolio values.
  • A CEO of the regional Chamber of Commerce with personal contact with the upper echelon of a large multi-billion pound companies.

Professional Achievements

  • Professional Financial Adviser Partner of True Potential Wealth Management – September 2010 to PRESENT

Year on year, I have achieved and maintain my partnership qualification because the examination criteria and continuous Professional Development regime is extremely onerous, demanding a high level of commitment and dedication, endorsing my claim as one of the most experienced and results focused Professional Financial Advisers in the country successfully creating wealth strategies for businesses and individuals.

  • One of the first Independent Financial Advisers in the UK to advance to Levels 1, 2 & 3 qualification in the Financial Planning Certificate (FPC)

Following advancing my qualifications, many years of continuous Professional Development ensued and as the qualification criteria was increased by the Personal Finance Society (the Professional Body and part of the Chartered Insurance Institute) I continued to increase my knowledge and level of qualifications.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Investment Strategies
  • Business Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Exit Strategy Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Wills, Trust and Estate Planning
  • Mortgage broker (residential/commercial)
  • Founder and CEO of Transformation For Veterans
    (Originally know as Sanctuary for Veterans) - 2008 to PRESENT

As the result of my serious accident in the military, during time serving with the SAS, a distinct lack of support for injured veterans and their families was highlighted, even those seriously affected from serving in the British Forces in war and peace campaigns abroad, such as Afghanistan.

As a result, knowing the positive impact I had already achieved, I knew I could help those for whom no support or funding has been provided. Therefore, sourcing my business knowledge and acumen I set out to build the Sanctuary For Veterans Charity organisation and facility to help veterans, desperately in need of mental and physical rehabilitation from the effects and horrors of the theatre of war.

To give you a measure of what I had to personally do, or get involved in, to set up the charity, here are the successful stages completed:

  • Established the Transformation for Veterans sanctuary. Devised the full-spectrum business plan, with phased growth to a staffing complement of 25 people, requiring up to £3 MILLION self-raised funding.
  • Through the first years of the project, taken responsibility for precisely defining the mission, devising the business strategy and recruiting the Board of Trustees.
  • Created the detailed planning permission to build a sanctuary of 23 Lodges, and state of the art empowerment plus future life building strategies training etc. etc. to establish costs and ongoing maintenance requirements.
  • Liaised with and briefed marketing experts to design and launch the S4V website.
  • Recruited staff and volunteers.
  • Established procedures and processes for fundraising and the networking strategy to introduce and nurture the funding channels.
  • Networked in commercial contexts to secure support and raise profile.
  • Undertook numerous public speaking engagements, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Developed links internationally with other veteran charities.
  • Organised a range of high-profile fund-raising events, including a motorbike rally, an outdoor concert and a Summer Ball.
  • Secured a bespoke career development package, known as a STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT SYSTEM, valued in excess of £100,000.
  • CEO and Founder of The Transformer company -
    July 2017 to PRESENT

When I realised I had found a way to help a lot more people achieve the boundless results that I had enabled when just working 1-2-1 with my clients, I knew I could make a real impacting difference in the world that has transformed my life too. I pulled together more than 30 years of multiple life and business  ‘struggle-to-success’ experience, expertise and learnings, to invent a new, innovative method that would expand the number of people’s lives I could help transform exponentially.

It made the knowledge I share more accessible, affordable and transformational than ever before.

And so, The Transformer was born.

When you read more about The Transformer, you will see that, because unwavering belief in yourself to achieve the seemingly impossible, a healthy body and high performing mind, and a tried and tested wealth strategy is essential to life and business success, Mindset, Health & Wealth play the primary roles in the way I help business owners and entrepreneurs.

Coupling my expertise in these three areas, with a collective of successful gurus in my “Black Book” list of contacts, I have created the MASTERMIND & beyond   12 month programme, complimented with The Transformer range of health products and health techniques.

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  • Property Developer Experience - May 1994 to PRESENT
  • Source land
  • Negotiate purchase price
  • Liaise with my legal team
  • Deal with planning application to build four new semi detached houses

I have developed lasting relationships with a team of surveyors, architects and property valuers my MM’s can have access to:

  • Negotiate No Money Down deals on Buy to Let and Commercial Property
  • Property negotiation with tenants, landlords, letting agents and estate agents
  • Raising finance and negotiating with lenders
  • Specialist in Equity Release and Later Life Lending schemes

In addition to being a fully qualified residential and Commercial broker for lending I have a panel of Brokers, introducers and lenders to choose from.

Experience in project managing building projects i.e. I was the Chief Advanced City and Guilds Plumber and Pipefitter in charge of a team of Plumbers during the construction of a 250000 gallon underground water reservoir built in Canada to supply a military base in the outback. This was built because the existing water well was drying up.

  • Portfolio Landlord - September 1988 to PRESENT
  • Rent collection
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow
  • Property maintenance
  • Negotiating with Letting Agents
  • Organising Gas Safety and Electrical installation certificates
  • Formulating a sale and acquisition Power Team
  • Manage tenant complaints and arrears
  • Founder and CEO: Independent Financial Adviser
    3D Wealth Management - September 1988 to 2010

Developing client awareness in financial management and how to maximise their assets to grow wealth in a tax efficient manner.  Responsible for:

  • Analysing an individual’s or business’s financial position and creating a strategy for the future
  • Identifying individual goals and creating a bespoke plan for the future.
  • Creating a firm foundation and planning for unforeseen events such as premature death, critical illness or long-term incapacity to work
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment planning
  • Money management to create positive cashflow
  • Creating a suitable investment portfolio
  • Will Writer and Specialist Trust Adviser
  • Club and Restaurant Owner - 1994 to 1997

I invested in a run down working men's club and converted it into a quality refurbished, family village pub, attracting a completely new clientele. I then managed the business during which I was responsible for the financial strategy of the business and ordering products (beer, wines and spirits, food and all maintenance supplies) and managing the staff.

My other responsibilities included:

  • Booking the entertainment.
  • DJ'ing.
  • Security of the club during and outside opening hours.

With an EXIT Strategy in mind we set a goal to sell the family pub business and the property, as a whole, within 3 years. We achieved this a few months early at a 400% profit.

  • Utility Warehouse Distributor - 2009 to 2016

Providing a method to reduce clients’ monthly expenditure on utilities within the business, saving up to 25%/£1,500, and personally up to 25%/£800. This is depending on spend. This creates more expendable income for their business and personally to either invest elsewhere and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Key areas of focus include:

  • Cost analysis of gas, electricity, telephone and broadband expenditure (including personal and business mobile phones)
  • Facilitate, where applicable, the switching of the services as a cost reduction exercise
  • Monitor the switching process
  • Regularly review the client's position and keep them updated with the introduction of new services
  • Organise marketing campaigns and outdoor events to promote potential savings to more people.
  • Manage a team of distributors to deliver on the service.

Royal Army Service

  • Corp of Royal Engineers (Corporal) -
    February 1981 to September 1988

Being in the Army was a childhood and teenage dream, and following a range of experience gaining civilian employment roles, I joined the world renowned Corp of Royal Engineers at the age of 18.

During my service, I developed a broad range of experience, including:

  • Working as a team to enhance the outcome of a task.
  • Achieving Combat Engineer Class 1, dealing in Demolitions, Mine Warfare, Bridging, Water Supply and Purification, Construction and repair of Roads and Airfields, combat assault boat helmsman.
  • Achieving Class 1 Plumber and Pipefitter, with a Distinction in many of the exams.
  • Gaining the Expert Physical Training Instructor qualification, covering skills and teaching and coaching techniques in swimming, gymnastics, boxing, anatomy and physiology, circuit training, personal training and overall fitness maintenance and assessment systems.
  • Gaining the accredited windsurfing instructor qualification and taught more than 100 soldiers how to windsurf from novice to competent level.
  • Gaining in the unit’s rock climbing instructors’ course qualification to then train many men and women on rock climbing as a part of adventure training courses.
  • Achieving a position in the top three recruits on the six-week Corporals’ Cadre course. This resulted in the award of a promotion immediately after finishing the course. The course is extremely demanding and gruelling.
  • Leading the team of plumbers on a construction task in Canada, working with all associated building trades in the construction of a 250,000 gallon underground reservoir. From this, resupplying a Canadian military camp in the outback. A phenomenal achievement that took three months to implement. The logistics were particularly difficult, requiring the replacement of the existing water supply with the new, whilst still maintaining a supply of water during the whole process.
  • Bomb Disposal Sergeant (in the Territorial Army) - September 1994 to March 1999

Having served in the Royal Army in the Corp of Royal Engineers previously, I joined the EOD division of the Royal Engineers. During time with the Corp, I developed the following skills:

  • Achieving class 1 as an EOD operative.
  • Achieving a distinction pass mark in the Field Sergeant’s course. This was particularly outstanding since it was achieved whilst serving in an EOD and not a Combat Engineer unit.
  • Achieving weapons instructor qualification.
  • Developed identification skills, with unknown ordnance, using Army intelligence, including manuals, databases and additional communication with specialist organisations.
  • Dealing with the disposal of unexploded ordnance devices.
  • Using questioning techniques when dealing with the general public to identify and control extremely hazardous situations.
  • Liaising with the emergency services and other Army units to implement and control exclusion zones.
  • Executing the command and control of military personnel.
  • Devising strategies and timetables for military personnel, their equipment and personal requirements
  • SAS Trouper (Territorial Army) -
    March 1999 to 30 October 1999

An exciting period, making a choice to achieve an ambition. During this period I was on selection for 23 SAS Regiment. This selection process is extremely rigorous, to be even accepted for selection the benchmark is extremely high. The level of fitness, determination and dedication is tested to the limits. During this process I experienced and implemented:

  • A strict training regime.
  • Strict nutritional programme.
  • Perfecting personal processes to work under pressure.
  • Working under tight time constraints.
  • Operating in extreme weather conditions.
  • Working beyond normal physical conditions.
  • Experiencing a near-fatal incident while on night patrol, when wind blasted me off the top of a mountain. Vertebrae C5 was shattered, C6 fractured and C7 used as a fixation point for a plate to be fixed across C5, C6 and C7. The determination by 2 spinal injury consultants was that, in their professional opinion, I would never walk again.
  • Undergoing a period of very challenging rehabilitation, coupled with facing a broad range of personal difficulties.

Boards and Memberships Served On

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (Currently March 2019 to PRESENT)

Invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, whose mission is to enrich society through ideas and action. My other Fellows of the RSA and I work together to share ideas, build networks and create opportunities for people to collaborate, influence and demonstrate practical solutions to resolve the challenges of our time.

  • Personal Finance Society Mentor for Financial Advisers July 2019

The Personal Finance Society, the professional authority for the financial planning profession in the UK which I joined as a member in September 1988, as part of the Chartered Insurance Institute group have sought my expertise to help their network of elite Financial Advisors to increase their knowledge on the practical application of financial planning for business owners.

Membership in the Personal Finance Society is awarded to those who demonstrate dedication to upholding the good principles of treating my customers fairly and always striving to provide sound financial advice and planning strategies.

Since joining, I now hold 2 executive positions above and beyond my membership:

  • AMBASSADOR - Awarded for the continuous pursuit of opportunities to engage, educate and enlighten business owners and their loved ones, advancing their financial awareness so they can provide for themselves financially whatever challenges occur.
  • MENTOR - This most prestigious of PFS positions involves a selection process to be accepted. My responsibility as a mentor is to be on hand to guide, coach and mentor financial advisers who may be inexperienced in a particular area of financial planning to heighten their knowledge and application of best practices to surpass the requirements to meet the highest standards of the PFS.
  • Business & Networking Education Coordinator for BNI (Business Networking International) June 2019

BNI is the world’s leading referral organisation, with over 240,000 members worldwide, where member referrals generated over £11 billion in revenue for its members... in 2017 alone.

I am currently responsible for inspiring, educating and motivating local members to be better at networking, public speaking and conveying their marketing message across thus increasing the number of referrals they receive from other professionals of multiple industries. As a result, gaining more from their membership, ensuring a healthy R.O.I. on their dedication and investment into membership and, ultimately, becoming more profitable.

I have been serving in an official capacity to fulfil BNI's mission to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

  • Trainer for Business for Breakfast July 2019

Business For Breakfast (BforB) is internationally recognised for creating successful networking meetings, events and training for referral marketing. In an official capacity, I am the Trainer responsible for inspiring, educating and motivating its members to get more from their membership and be more profitable.

  • Manchester Chamber of Commerce member April 2015

The Chamber of Commerce is the most recognised global organisation of professional individuals in the world. The main function of a Chamber of Commerce is to promote interest in local business possibilities. Money, Planning, Inspiration, and Guidance on all aspects of business to assist members working vigorously on the committees of their choice. Current member in this fantastic business networking group. I continue to be an active member as it brings me great opportunities.

Regular meetings including a quarterly economic review meeting delivered by leading economists including the North Wests Bank of England representative.