Decision Making: Cruel To Be Kind

Every day of our lives, we make a decision. Whether that be what time to wake up, when to put the bins out or whether to watch the telly after a long day. But what would you do if you woke up in the morning to be told by your child that they feel unwell…

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Challenging Times

Have you ever faced any challenging times in your life? Everybody has faced some sort of difficulty or challenging time in their life. How have you dealt with these challenges? Did you ever feel like giving up at the first hurdle? What would you do if your wife suffered a collapsed lung, struggled to breathe…

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Why We Should All Be A Bit More Harvey

I was on holiday last week with my family and our dog, Harvey. On the Wednesday we were walking along a bridlepath through a field and Harvey was on his lead. As we approached a number of livestock Harvey became curious. At one point we passed a sheep and Harvey took immediate interest; he walked over for a closer look but the sheep…

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